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Brilliant flame of jnana

Bhagavan, well settled in his last earthly abode, burns steadily like a flame in a windless place and never swerves from Self-knowledge, Cf. Name 96. Bhagavan is a flame which burns steadily, purifies whatever it touches and transforms it into fuel. Approaching this fire, one is caught up in it and becomes a part of this continuous process of burning. In true living, awareness is a steady fire and action only feeds and becomes awareness, as fuel turns to heat and light Read the article »

Embodiment of Auspiciousness, of Benevolence

Peaceful, sweet and gentle, he is capable only of spreading goodness. Cool like the moon, ambrosial like the soma juice Read the article »

One Who Dispels All Doubts by His Gita, Upadesa Sara and Such Other Works

Kavyakantha’s Ramana Gita in 18 chapters and 300 slokas is a modern masterpiece answering many questions raised by Ganapati Muni, his wife and other disciples. It is absolutely original in many parts and has high metaphysical and practical value for earnest seekers because it explains the most profound truths in simple, clear, precise language. Read the article »

Surrounded by Bands of Lovers of Truth

The Sadguru attracted more and more sadhakas. These true devotees or seekers surrounded him both in the Ashram and during his frequent giripradakshina. In those years when he had come and settled down at the foot of the Hill, crowds of seekers surrounded him Read the article »

Ocean of Compassion

Bhagavan’s grace makes him so accessible. Siva’s grace is embodied in Muruga, who is a visible, vibrant, adorable beam of his splendour. The terrible and the sublime are now available to us in a comely, homely, manageable human form. Bhagavan Maharshi is also soft of speech and overflowing with compassion. The Sun has been caught and tamed and brought home as agni, a flame of fire born in the waters of compassion Read the article »

Majestic, Deep and High, of Vast Vertical Dimension

Jnana gambhirya is ‘the stillness at the depth of the ocean whose surface may be ruffled by waves’, the firmness of a huge mountain unmoved by the winds that blow around Read the article »

One Whose Form is Radiant Stillness

[During the Virupaksha days, not only men, women and children, but even monkeys and other animals stood transfixed in blissful stillness in the presence of Bhagavan. Arunachala is 'frozen fire' and people saw in Bhagavan a human embodiment of this blend of brightness and stillness Read the article »

One Who has Destroyed All Illusions

He had completely annihilated every kind of maya, not only for himself, but for those who sought his guidance Read the article »

One Whose Comely Face was Lit Up by The Cool Moonlight of a Smile

The smile soothed and illumined like the cool brightness of the moon. The face lit up by the eyes was cooled by the smile. The stillness of the blissful heart was reflected in the calm, bright beauty of the face. Observers were transported by that gracious glance and bright smile, cool and calm like moonlight Read the article »

The Great Yogi, One Whose Whole Being is in The Self

The jnani makes no effort and knows no fatigue; his enthusiasm, his energy is the radiance of blissful peace. His Awareness is itself energy and shines forever like the Sun, unwearied in well-doing Read the article »