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One Who Seeks The Father’s Abode, The Father’s Presence

Now the mind, already with the Father, draws the body after it. Withdrawing the mind from outward objects and seeking the Self within is seeking the Father’s abode. “I go in search of my Father,” wrote Bhagavan when he left Madura. In Arunachala, Siva withdraws Sakti into Himself and stands as pure Being and Awareness. After reaching Arunachala Bhagavan ‘does’ nothing. His story is the story of his devotees and the story of the whole world Read the article »

One Who has Realized the Supreme Value, One Who Knows The Ultimate Reality

That the meaning of I is Being-Awareness-Bliss, the identity of self and Self, this is the supreme truth that Bhagavan realized and taught. From that day in July 1896 when he transcended the upadhis (attributes of limitation and separation) and attained complete identity with Universal Awareness, he enjoyed the unbroken bliss of Eternal Being. Man has become God without ceasing to be man. An ordinary schoolboy has been chosen by Mother Sakti to be and function as Kumara, a perennial source of spiritual energy and a living centre of creative goodness Read the article »

One whose mind was merged in the effulgence of Arunachala

Dextrous in deed, victorious in games, lucky in every task he undertook, Bhagavan turned whatever he touched into the gold of Awareness and Bliss. Compare the epithet Hiranyabahu for Siva. Read the article »

One Whose Advent is for Tthe Well Being of The World

The play with mythology and metaphysics now becomes localised. The human child divine is born at a hallowed spot and gains illumination in another, both appropriate and well prepared by centuries of tradition, to re-establish the rule of dharma and ensure the world’s welfare. An avatar helps moksha-siddhi (the attainment of liberation by persons) and jagat hitam (the well-being of the world). Bhagavan fulfils both these purposes, which are indeed mutually complementary Read the article »

One whose birth was for a purpose

This child was born, not as a result of past Karma, but for the divine purpose of renewing human life and transforming the world. His birth can be explained only teleologically. It is wrong to conceive of time as the past flowing into the present and causing the future. The Timeless flows perennially into time as Awareness for transforming the world and creating a future more human and therefore more divine than the past Read the article »

The 108 Names of Sri Bhagavan (Ramana Ashtothara)

Viswanatha Swami, a great devotee and scholar, composed twenty slokas containing the 108 Names of Sri Bhagavan which are used in formal puja. As each Name is uttered by way of invocation, a flower is offered in worship. The choice and the arrangement of the Names provides an exquisite blend of biography, mythology and loving adoration and thus create the proper atmosphere for devotees invoking and enjoying the Presence of Sri Bhagavan. Read the article »


“The ‘I’-thought is only limited ‘I’. The real ‘I’ is unlimited, universal, beyond time and space. They are absent in sleep. Just on rising up from sleep, and before seeing the objective world, there is a state of awareness which is your pure Self. That must be known.” Read the article »

The Sage

‘Now death has come; what does it mean? What is it that is dying? This body dies’. Read the article »

The Setting

The map shows India as a triangular peninsula in the south of Asia. Jutting into the sea, south of the vast Ganges plains, is the Deccan plateau. With thousands of kilometres of railways and thousands of kilometres of metal-roads, carrying bullock carts as well as the most modern motor-traffic-vehicles, there seems to be little difference between this Indian Deccan and any other civilised part of the world. Read the article »

Hunting The ‘I’

Sri Ramana Maharshi is well known wherever there is a longing for a life of Wisdom and Love, of inner Freedom. The Sage of Arunachala was an embodiment of such a higher life and a living proof that the longing for the highest Truth is no escapism for weaklings from hard facts to soft dreams, but the entrance to true Reality. Read the article »