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Lest We Forget …2 – G.Lakshmi Narasimham

SriRI G. Lakshmi Narasimham (known as ‘ Narasinga Rao’ at the Ashram), after taking his B.L. degree stayed at Sri Ramanasramam for three years from 1930 to 1933, along with his mother and sister Lakshmi, serving Sri Bhagavan. It was Bhagavan’s Grace that his apprenticeship should be under him. Lakshmi Narasimham’s marriage also took place at Tiruvannamalai and when the new couple came to do namaskaram (prostration), Sri Bhagavan remarked: “Now, your name (Lakshmi + Narasimham) has become meaningful!” Read the article »

Lest We Forget … 1 – Dr.V.Srinivasa Rao

Sri Bhagavan directed his attention specifically to Upadesa Saram among his works and emphasised ekachintana (fixing the mind on one thought — of the One) as essential for the mind to get free of thoughts; and that constant remembrance of God is better than a recital of hymns or silent invocation. On one occasion he told Sri Bhagavan, “It is said that one should contemplate on God Vishnu from head to foot. Is that the correct thing to do?” Sri Bhagavan reminded him, “It is all One from head to foot.” Yet again he discussed the efficacy of Rama Japa and the like and asked Sri Bhagavan, “Why not do Ramana Japa instead of Rama Japa?” to which Sri Bhagavan gave his assent. Read the article »

The Fortunate Boy – “Sein”

This was in 1920. Bhagavan had come to Skandasramam from the Virupaksha cave and a small batch of devotees had gathered round him. The greatness of the Saint echoed all over the world. Devotees from all parts of India were coming for his darshan. While males enjoyed the privilege of staying in the Asramam up the hill with Bhagavan the whole day, ladies were not allowed to remain there after sun-set. Read the article »

His Divine Excellence (Remembering Ramana) – N.N.Rajan

“Sri Ramana Maharshi has kept India’s spiritual glory alive in our generation. He has in his own way made the name of India respected by wise and enlightened men spread all over the world…….” Read the article »

Miracles and Bhagavan (Remembering Ramana) N.N.Rajan

It is common to see people flock to those who exhibit occult powers and perform miracles like curing ailments, floating on water, sitting buried under earth etc. but Self- realisation and miracle mongering are poles apart. The jnani does not care for miracles. To the jnani the control of the senses leading to realisation of the Self is the only aim. This is really the greatest miracle, and to achieve it is the jnani’s goal. Read the article »

Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi As Seen By A Bengali Devotee

“Differences always exist, not only in human beings but also in plants, animals, etc. This state of affairs cannot be helped. You need not notice these distinctions. There is diversity in the world but a unity runs through the diversity. The Self is the same in all. There is no difference in spirit. The differences are external and superficial. Find the unity and you will be happy.” Read the article »

The Immutable Atmosphere – N.O.Mehta

People were squatting cross legged, some with eyes shut, some eagerly looking at Bhagavan, but all absolutely silent. People were coming in and going out after doing the prostration. All this homage left the Maharshi untouched, or was it only my illusion, for those wonderful eyes seemed to take in everything even though they had a faraway, distant look. Read the article »

Sri Bhagavan and The Mother’s Temple – Major A.W.Chadwick(Sadhu Arunachala)

He took a personal interest in the cutting of the Sri Chakra Meru in granite (pyramidal form), which was installed in the completed temple and is regularly worshipped. This is about one and a half feet square and proportionately high. At the time of the kumbabhishekam on the penultimate night before the sacred water was poured over the images, he personally supervised the installation in the inner shrine. Read the article »

Sri Ramana – Major A.W. Chadwick (Sadhu Arunachala)

Rramana Maharshi was unique in that he was an out and out advaitin. There were no half-measures with him. Now to be an advaitin of this description is extremely difficult. While for most of us, it is all intellectual gymnastics, for him it was his life. At the early age of sixteen he had realized the Self, and had never swerved from it or come down to a lower function ever after. Read the article »

Bhagavan Treated For Eczema – T.K.S.

Some were about 1935 a doctor friend of mine visited the Ashram and stayed with Bhagavan for over six weeks. He was deeply pious and devoted to Sri Ramanuja Sampradaya. His devotion to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi was equally great. He was a great congress worker. Read the article »