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KEZEF Creations Cream White 8-14mm Simulated Faux Pearl Necklace Hand Knotted Strand 16-20 Inch (20.00, 10.0mm)

Highlighted Features

  • WHITE SIMULATED FAUX PEARL NECKLACE - Kezef Creations designs beautiful jewelry that resembles designer pieces at significantly discounted retail prices. This 20" creamy white (10mm) simulated faux pearl necklace looks
  • VINTAGE SIMULATED FAUX PEARL NECKLACE SET - our elegant simulated faux pearl necklace sets for women are meticulously hand-knotted with round 10mm (diameter) simulated pearls on an 18-inch matinee length
  • MATINEE LENGTH VINTAGE SIMULATED FAUX PEARL NECKLACE - sporting a matinee length, falling elegantly below the collarbone. As trendy as it is timeless, these simulated faux pearl necklaces for women
  • DURABLE CLASP - our white simulated faux pearl strand necklace comes with a durable, silver-plated filigree style ball clasp for secure fastening, which also matches the elegance of the
  • EASY CARE AND MAINTENANCE - To keep your simulated faux pearl long strand necklace looking like new, gently buff the simulated pearls with a soft cloth; minimize its contact with

Bask in the vintage flair of Kezef's simulated faux pearl necklace for women Think a little something is missing from the look you've painstakingly put together? This simulated faux white pearl necklace can complete the look for you elegantly. Beautifully hand-knotted simulated faux pearl necklaces Securely hand-knotted together, the Kezef simulated faux pearls necklace are made up of gorgeous 10m... [Read More]


  • Color: White
  • Brand: KEZEF Creations
  • Manufacturer: KEZEF Creations
  • Information

    • Best Choice - #1 Pearl Quality Longboards
    • Checked on 08/11/2019
    • Based on 80 Reviews
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    PDP By DW 400 Series Double Pedal

    Highlighted Features

    • 400 Series Single Chain Drive with Offset
    • 400/500 Series linkage and universal
    • PDAX101 2-Way Beaters
    • Aux Side Steel Base Plate
    • Built-in spurs, key side adjust hoop clamp, drum key clip &

    PDP hardware is designed by industry leader Drum Workshop, a company who has been solving hardware problems since 1972. The 400 Series Double Pedal offers drummers an amazing value without breaking the bank. The DP402 has sleek, racing-inspired pedalboards and features a single chain offset cam on each side. The 400/500 series linkage gives players a responsive feel usually found on much more expe... [Read More]


  • UPC: 647139113333
  • Color: Chrome
  • Brand: PDP By DW
  • Manufacturer: Drum Workshop, Inc.
  • Information

    • Best Choice - #2 Pearl Quality Longboards
    • Checked on 08/11/2019
    • Based on 94 Reviews
    • Warranty: 1 year limited manufacturer warranty.
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    Quest 41" Sunset Mosaic Longboard Skateboard

    Quest 41


    • Model: QT-GSM41C
    • Color: Multicolor

    This is a pro-quality slot-through "downhill" board that is devoted specifically to your passion for performance. Other boards are too general to fit your needs and other board brands just don't get it! This deluxe downhill-style "open wheel" performance longboard

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    Retrospec Zed Longboard Pintail Bamboo Long board Skateboard Cruiser Tropical Flora

    Retrospec Zed Longboard Pintail Bamboo Long board Skateboard Cruiser Tropical


    • Model: 2950
    • Color: Tropical FloraBlack

    It all originated in 1950s Hawaii with California close behind. Surfers took to the streets by rigging makeshift backyard longboards when adequate surf was hard to find. Our freshest longboard nods to those ambitions with its classic surfboard shape and

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